Women Empowerment

I am a big believer in uplifting and supporting others. But that especially extends to uplifting other women. I am someone that believes the more we support and encourage other women to greatness, the more that will come back to help us in the future. I love seeing other women grow. And you never know what might come from that encouragement. Sometimes nothing comes. But other times I’ll find a new friend. A new business partner. A new client. A new referral partner. And so much more. I always say, if all women would uplift and empower one another, we would run this world! But there are still many women that feel threatened by other women and do their best to tear women down whom they see as a threat. I have come to realize that I need be even kinder to those ladies. Helping them to understand the joy in relationships and working with, not against, one another. There is enough work in this world; enough men, for all of us. When we don’t see one another as a threat, life is so much better.

I am not really sure when I stopped seeing women as competition. I actually don’t really remember ever seeing them like that. But I remember in my early 20’s a thought popped into my mind. There will always be someone younger than me. There will always be someone older than me. There will always be someone thinner than me. There will always be someone heavier than me. There will always be someone with a skill that I wish I had! And I will always have a skill someone else wishes they had. So much energy is wasted in jealousy. When instead we can admire another’s beauty and skill. From that point forward, life became more joyful. And instead of feeling that gross jealousy feeling in my stomach, I was filled with excitement forming relationships with amazing women.

Here’s what also happens when you get rid of feeling threatened by other women and turn to uplifting them…they feel it. Even the hardest of women can feel another woman’s uplifting and encouraging energy. Right away, the entire dynamic changes. Because you are not threatened by them, they are more inclined to open up. There is a level of safety and trust that begins to develop.

If you are a woman who tends to feel threatened by other women, I think it’s important to ask yourself why you feel that way? Usually it’s an insecurity that we feel within our self. Something that we have not dealt with. Once that insecurity is identified and admitted to, it becomes so much easier to heal. And life becomes so much better! It’s never fun to live with jealousy of others. Or feeling threatened and angry. It’s actually an incredibly toxic emotion and can lead to health problems in the future. Is that worth it?

I surround myself with powerful, like minded women. That is why I highly encourage others to find networking groups for women. When you do this, you find that you actually have so much more in common with others than you thought. And I have found there’s always a lot of laughter in these different groups. Research what’s available in your area and jump on in! You’ll thank me later!


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