What’s that Sound?

When I was in my 20s I remember listening to people older than me talk about their body’s aches and pains. Never would that be me! They seemed old and just a tad…sad. Flash forward 20 years later and low and behold here I am talking about my knees that sound like The Rice Krispie elves live in them, and a back that hurts daily, causing shooting pains to my foot. So yes, I have entered that realm of life and I am perfectly fine with it. Just as I am content watching Netflix at home, not going to a happening club. Another thing I used to think made people “old”. It’s fun now thought because I don’t care that I’m old. Older…

Last week as I was reaching down to grab something I felt something pop. It wasn’t painful but it definitely surprised me. And I began to feel around the area of leg where it popped, wondering what the hell the sound was. I have studied a bunch of anatomy, muscles and bones. I know what’s connected to what, and I know where things are located. Still I cannot figure out what the sound was! And it mystified me! Did I have a magical muscle that nobody else did? That nobody had yet discovered? Was I now going to be a modern marvel that was asked to be tested, receiving new awards for finding new and unknown places in the body? Was I going to be the main story on local and nationwide news stations and tour around the world explaining to the modern medical world about how I had found a missing and unknown muscle? Possibly the most important muscle in the body?!

None of that happened and I still have no idea what popped. However, what I am fairly certain of…I am no medical enigma. What I am is old. And it turns out in talking to those older than me, I’m going to keep feeling new things pop and tear on a regular basis! Super exciting! And things will pop sometimes when I am not even doing anything. Like today in barre I just went to lay down and felt something go out in my shoulder. I wasn’t even doing anything cool! So basically this stuff just happens and I’m not a medical miracle. I felt better with that explanation than the one that I am just getting older! That sucks!

I can tell you right now, back pain is the worst! And when it gets really bad, I find that I can’t even walk and I lay in bed, rotating ice and heat. Sounds exotic right? Luckily I haven’t had pain like this in years, but I can still feel my back start to flair up every now and then. What I have learned is the worst thing I can do is to baby it. I usually know that this is when I need movement more than ever! Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Walks, just something that gets my back moving.

Because of the new additions of aches and pains, I have begun to make my own Pilates sessions a priority. I have no choice anymore. I could get by just doing barre and yoga and Pilates maybe once or twice a week. But now if I skip my practice and don’t get in at least three sessions a week my back flares up to the point where my sciatic nerve kicks into full gear. And let me tell you…if you’ve never had sciatic nerve pain, count your blessings! It sucks!

Ok now I’m trying to figure out why I even wrote this super depressing blog! There is a point. There is no stopping what the aging process will do to our bodies. And if you’ve been involved or are still involved, in high impact sports, you will begin to feel the wear on your body at some point. Even if you don’t think you will. One of the best things that I can recommend to EVERYBODY out there is to start a regular Pilates program BEFORE things in your body begin to hurt. The benefits are beyond weight loss and a toned body. And I could give you a list of all the benefits. But honestly the best testimonial is one that is by you and doing regular practice. I am committed now to practicing my own Pilates at least 3 days a week, one hour a day. Even though I have my own studio, it’s incredibly hard to get into a regular practice. There is always something that needs to be done or someone that needs to be helped. Or a game of Candy Crush that I just can’t win…When you make Pilates a priority, the feeling in your body completely changes. People always ask how many times I recommend taking Pilates. Ideally, it would be awesome if people took everyday. Realistically, I recommend three days a week to get the best results. And the sooner someone starts, the better.

Starting on Monday, the next 30 days I am challenging myself. Challenging myself to eat better, to attend Pilates and Yoga everyday (I rotate), drink more water and spend more time in meditation. I have a lot more on my checklist, but that is just a glimpse. I am most competitive with myself. So for me to have a checklist that I can look at every day is the best thing. I challenge everyone out there to make this New Year one where a priority is put on yourself. It’s one of the hardest things that we can do in this day and age as I know I am not the only one pulled in many directions. But to be the best you, you MUST make yourself priority number one. Whether you try it my way with checklists and a hardcore plan is totally up to you. But make it something that’s fun and revitalizes and renews your soul. Something that makes you feel your very best and makes you feel that you can conquer the world! Taking control of our own lives, Body, Mind and Spirit is the best way to offer our best to the people around us.

Today just sit down and think about how you can make yourself your number one priority. Then do it. You’ll thank me later!


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