What the hell is she doing?!?

FST! YEAH YOU KNOW ME! (If you understand this…you’re old like me.)

Before I even get into my experience last week, I want to preface it by saying that before the week, I was incredibly uncomfortable touching people. I would actually even say I have hated touching people for fear of hurting them. After last week, working every day with the body, learning how much it is capable of, I am extremely comfortable in my touch. And using it to heal others. Clients. Look out! I can’t wait to work on and heal other people’s bodies and help them reach deeper levels emotionally and spiritually. And I can’t wait to get you on my table and put you into my straps. You heard right!

Last week I got the amazing opportunity to spend time with the staff of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). At first when I began getting ready for things, I was dreading it. I thought I would most definitely be bored out of my mind. I mean…five days, all eight hours, learning how to stretch people?  I was bored just thinking about it. And watching the videos? I was even more convinced just how boring this week would be. So at 7am Monday, I forced myself out of bed and arrived at the studio at exactly 8am. I was surprised to find that I was one of the last ones to arrive and even more surprised that they started right at 8am. No wiggle room whatsoever!  I was certain this was going to be an awful week. But I know how fast FST is growing and how this certification would help my studio and my dreams of one day working with professional athletes.

All of my pre-conceived notions of what this week would be like were quickly tossed out the window as the owner and founder of FST dropped a microphone into her shirt, where it was held in place by her cleavage. This was not the same lady in the video with the forced smile and perfect manners. As she demonstrated what FST was and started making all the sexual jokes we all were thinking watching the videos, I knew I was in for an awesomely fun week!

So FST is one of those things you just have to let us do on you. Trying to explain it, or better yet, watching a video of it, makes you just think it’s weird. But once you’re on the table and we are working on you? You’ll feel the difference. It does look goofy at first. But there is a reason you are moved into all the different positions. This therapy gets deep into the fascia and also the areas around the joints. Which is why it’s becoming a common practice to rid one of pain, prevent future pain and reach maximum potential in all aspects of time. Professional athletic teams are beginning to require that there be at least on FST trainer on their staff.

FST is completely different than anything else. And I know, I know. Everyone says that about their practice! So again, I tell everyone you just have to try it to understand. Believe me, I really was uncertain of what I was getting into. We were on the table upon the first few hours working on each other with a practioner watching us, letting us work on them to give us feedback on our touch and what to do different; feeling what this was all about. By the end of the first day, I became a passionate believer in this practice. No matter how weird it looks.

There are three levels of the training. I just completed level one and am already planning on attending level 2 in February. I would love to get as much practice in as I can so for everyone’s first session, I’m charging only $40 for a full hour. You have the choice to talk during your therapy or just soak it all in. This is all about you!

I am beyond excited to introduce this into our studio. I hope that you will come in and enjoy an FST session as soon as you can! There’s only one way to find out if this is for you!

Have a great week!


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