A Breakdown of Pilates Principles

These are the principles in which Joseph Pilates built his system upon. I want to break them down and give them a little more detail and life, one by one. Each of these principles is so incredibly important to Pilates and are things that we must focus on in each of our sessions. The Principles … Continue reading A Breakdown of Pilates Principles

Skinny Cow

According to, approximately 86 million American adults have prediabetes, and another 29.1 million have developed Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. There is a long list of health complications associated with being diabetic, so it is imperative for those in a prediabetic state to take immediate action to prevent the onset of this disease.

Just Say No!

Learning how to eat healthy is something many people are interested in but also something that all of us have been frustrated with at some point in our lives. I’m sure you’ve wanted to throw your hands up at some point, and who could blame you?