The Funk

Alright so here’s the thing. Ever since getting back from Norway I have been in a huge funk. I can’t motivate myself to do anything. Granted when I got home, a day later my dad went to the ER for heart pain (he is just fine but need a stent put in.). I went home for the week to help with heavy lifting and my last day in Phoenix, my mom had to go to the ER. I just got home Monday night and am literally having to force myself to do things. To say things have been stressful would be an understatement. I am trying to give myself a break though. I have really only been back in town now for two days. The house needs cleaning. Laundry needs to be done. The studio checked in on. Clients called back. Emails returned. Dogs and a cat taken care of. A blog to write. Exercising myself. The problem? I don’t want to do any of it. Even getting out of bed is hard and I considered just staying in bed all day. I did not. But I thought about it.

Usually my funks don’t last long. Usually I pick myself up and go crazy getting things done, working out and crossing off things on my to do list. But I don’t have the motivation right now. So, what do I do when I’m in said funk? Well, I make myself move. I play my game where at every commercial break of a show I’m watching, I make myself do 20 things. Granted, I don’t get in these funks often, but when I do, I make this game a must when I’m feeling down. There is nothing like getting things accomplished to make anyone feel better. Unfortunately, when you’re in a funk, you get things accomplished much slower than usual.

I don’t think that funks are uncommon for anyone. We all fall into them at some point in our lives. The biggest thing is how we deal with them. And most importantly…How we get out of them.

Today is the first of November. What better time than a new month to change things up? I love lists. Every time I complete my list, I feel better. So here is my list to pick myself up and get out of my funk.

  1. Every day I will start my day with my Life SAVERS: Silence (Meditation), Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise (This one I usually wait on), Reading devotions and Scribing (Writing) The man who created Life SAVERS is named Hal Elrod and he wrote the book, The Miracle Morning. Great read!


  1. I will begin a personal growth plan that includes exercises from the book One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant.


  1. I will be at the studio every day by 8:30 to say hello to clients, check on my business, check on the studio and practice my own Pilates


  1. I will get back on track with cleaner eating and drinking more water


  1. I will take good care of my physical appearance in all ways


  1. I will begin going to church again once a week


  1. I will stay off social media for extended periods


  1. I will daily walk the dogs (unless it’s really cold. Then we just cuddle!)


  1. I will clean my house and keep it clean


  1. I will get back into a regular barre and Yoga routine


  1. I will sleep 8 hours a night

And now that I have made my list, I can already feel myself coming out of my slump. Sometimes that really is all it takes. Setting goals that I can actually see and attain are how I find that I become more motivated. I am definitely still in a funky spot. And it might still take me a few more days to get out of it. But by moving and doing things, I have way less time to think about the said funk.

If you’re in a funk like I have been, make yourself make a plan. If that’s the only thing you can do, then do it. Sometimes you just have to start with something small and the motivation turns itself on by itself. It’s not easy at times. I’m still going to have to force myself to check off my list the next few days, but I will get it done. Life is going to get crazier as I feel like I might be spending more time in Phoenix. But I have to commit to my goals wherever I am. And only I can motivate myself to do that.

If you need help setting up a game plan, there are many people that can help, including myself. Yes, those of us in the industry of helping others still get into funks! Give us a call or email the studio. Support is the best thing that you can have during times of funkiness. So, whether us, friends, family, whomever, find your tribe!

Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you soon.


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