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Weight Loss
With a variety of equipment, you will see results faster! And by including Pilates in your routine, you will see a loss of inches from your body!
Greater Confidence
Pilates helps lengthen the body, giving you height and making you look leaner. Begin walking into rooms and turning heads with the difference!
Create whichever workout you’d like, based on the day. With Reformers, Chairs, Spring Boards, Rings of Fire (Magic Circles), Bosu Balls, TRX, Real Ryder Cycling bikes and a Ballet Barre, the possibilities are endless!
Balanced Mind and Body
Creating balance in life is a key aspect with all our workouts we design for you. You will better be able to get through life’s crazy stresses by using the skills you have learned in your session. If your core is strong, every area of your life will follow.
There is nothing like the feeling you get from adding meditation to your daily life. But it is something that must be learned. We provide guided meditation workshops or private sessions to help you learn how to incorporate a practice into your routine. No, it’s not just sitting!
Healthy Daily Life
So, you have a great workout routine going. Now, are you ready to dive deeper into your nutrition habits? We have a certified Ayurvedic Nutrition Specialist right at your fingertips. Help prevent disease and unnecessary doctor’s visits by learning what has worked for thousands of years! She is also certified in Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki. You’ll never feel so relaxed!

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Are you interested in discount privates?!? We have 3 instructors who need help with their hours. Contact the studio if you’re interested! Great opportunity! Great prices!